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Selling your business?

UBB Match'it is the digital matchmaking platform for business transfers, where SME owners who wish to sell their business can confidently engage with potential investors looking for acquisitions. UBB Match'it brings together acquisition files in one central place and efficiently facilitates the start of the acquisition process. You can be sure that all potential buyers have seen the file, which leads to price maximization.

Via UBB Match'it, you gain access to an extensive group of potential investors in Bulgaria and the other KBC core markets. Completely anonymous!

Start right away? Our user-friendly platform allows you to present your project in an attractive and clear manner. Your data will only be shared with potential buyers that you select yourself. 

  • No advice, only matchmaking
  • Focused on SMEs with a normalized EBITDA from € 250k
  • Focused on share deals even though asset deals are possible
UBB Match'it

Find the right connection on our discrete platform

UBB Match’it is easy to use,  extremely clear and secure. Introductions, sharing information and starting negotiations all take place in a private, secure environment.

UBB Match'it is efficient and less time-consuming. The communication and follow-up process is also more streamlined.

Find the right buyer in just five steps

  • 1


    We meet with you in person to discuss your case and define an implementation plan.

  • 2

    File creation

    You will receive an invitation to register. You then complete your file and send it to UBB Match'it.

  • 3


    Once reviewed, your file can be published. An anonymous profile of your business containing only high-level information is now visible for all potential investors on the platform.

  • 4

    Follow-up interest

    Investors who are interested will ask to look into your detailed file. It’s you alone who decides who gets to see your full file.

  • 5

    First contact

    You yourself decide who you want to meet and enter into negotiations with. 

Good luck!


How much does our matchmaking service cost?

Contact us at +359 2 811 3750 for a free quote.

We offer you access to:

  • a module to create a visually strong IM
  • a broad investor base
  • a convenient communication and feedback process

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