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Buying or selling a business is no easy task. How do you know what businesses are up for sale? Or where do you find the right buyer?


Looking to buy a company?

UBB Match'It offers:

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    Access to a select choice of SMEs

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    Detailed and clear info package for each company

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    Access to our extensive network of partners

Looking to sell a company?

UBB Match'It offers:

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    Access to a comprehensive investor base

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    Support to create your information memorandum

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    A userfriendly platform to present your company

Contact UBB Match'It on +359 2 811 3750 or write us at info@matchit.ubb.bg

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Take advantage of UBB's knowledge and experience in mergers and acquisition deals


Acquisitions involve tax, legal and financial issues. Use our network of experts for all your advice needs.

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